April 15 – A Hollow Space Left

Those broken eyes
Sad, lonely light to live with

Candle wicks now fading
Heart stolen with the evening wind

A broken plate rests on the dark walnut floors
Shattered pieces, disconnected memories

An empty seat, impression in the cushion of something that should have lasted longer than a spark.

A dangerous silence
Calloused hands wrap around empty promises

Cold food that would have been
Could have been a beginning mid-book

Tabletop filled with nothingness, desolate with tattered chords of maybes, then with a hollow aching goodbye. Longer than the slow motion swaying of a walk to and out the door.

The click the only sound left, deafening


April 14 – Promises Returned

He once promised her moonlight to dance under; with those thick, heavy blues that she found herself falling into. Even though he could only produce the blinding light of electricity, she felt that maybe they were dancing all alone in the silence of space.

He once promised her love notes to live on; with that soft, supple smile that she found she wanted to taste. Even though he only ever sent email reminders of their plans, she felt each word was whispering “I love you.”

He once promised her eternity in his arms; with those strong hands wrapped round her waist like they were one. Even though they keep getting older, and their time is finite, she knows he really meant it.

April 13 – When We Breathe Regret

She is the world untethered
Fists closed around broken stone
Silence the wind, the tears

She is the tattered dreams
Left rotting in the bulging snow
Cold hatred, the burning

She is the unspoken words
Ripped from beating chests
Blood thick, the fading warmth

She is past cruelty, onward life
No returning to the fetid corpse
Bloated with regret, the hurt

She is gone from all remembering
Blown out with the pale light of dawn
Lights flickered goodbye, the sacrifice

P.S. Sorry for the looooooong wait. Been a little busy with a little baby 😀
This poem is a reject from Poetry Magazine, as are the three that will follow.

January 22 – The Artist’s Paintbrush

She’s not too sure when it happened
When the spark flew out of her chest
Released itself on the world and exploded
With colour and bravado and love
Like her soul was the paints
Which would cover the canvas world
Like her heart was the words
Which would write themselves on eternity

She’s not too sure when it happened
When the flame burst from her eyes
Caught the world in a burning passion
With fire and warmth and hope
Like her soul was the match
Lighting the way for the world to grow
Like her heart was the fuel
Which could shine as bright as the sun

She’s not too sure when it happened
When she felt herself expand
With the freedom to believe
In creativity

– Tegan Thuss 

October 14 – To Build a Dream on Words

Two minutes to change a life
To mold and shape and grow
To dream a world and build a hope
To grasp determination and hold inspiration

Two minutes to expose your soul
To leave yourself open
Tear yourself asunder
And let the world open in your eyes

Two minutes until midnight
When your words will ring
With clarity and truth
And you will feel that maybe

They meant something 

– Tegan Thuss