March 17 – Crushing

The world is made of pieces
We’re all trying to find our space
Without completely breaking apart
We fit ourselves into gaps
Hoping that the edge won’t crush
While our fingers flex against the walls

– Tegan Thuss


March 8 – Silent Fisherman Feels a Tug on the Line

If I could write a thousand words
This page would be filled
With sonnets and dramatic prose
All expressing a love
So binding it takes the breath
Out of the lungs
And replaces it with the infinite
Number of stars and black space
Bursting in the Universe

But my mouth and hands are hollow
Yearning to leave traces
On the paper of your touch
Your lips, their smile, their kiss
No paper knows the justice
Of romance and devotion
Cannot express emotion
Without falling flat
Without changing it to something less

So I keep the thoughts I hold
The memories we share
The moments I have stolen
With your heart
Locked up in my soul
Trapped in my eyes
Dripping through my veins
Leaking through my pores
Only to be caught by you

– Tegan Thuss

March 3 – Lost Inside the Wilted Brick

One turn down the old round house
She shouts inside
We are immortal          we are immortal

If only we knew how to live

Dust flies out to cover eyes
Blinking turns them into rain

She’s burning with a false sense of hope
I know your name       I know your name

If only you could say it without breaking

Twisted rope lies falling up
Boats wave on rocks, clear glass skies

She can hear the ocean in the palm of her hand
I could be free             I could be free

Just maybe, with the right momentum

We weren’t all of us awful before the moon lit up
When the house grew wild
And the mushrooms dripped with dew and mould
We weren’t all of us bad before the sky grew dark
When the lights went out
And the gentle whir of electric rhythm vanished
We weren’t all of us destined for nothing

One turn round the old barn door
She shouts so quiet
We are immortal         we are immortal

If only we weren’t dying to live

– Tegan Thuss

February 4 – Caged Bird

I’m dripping with your happiness
It’s wrapped me up so tight
I can feel it pushing in to me
My heart is beating trying to escape
From the pull of your pulse
The ache of your hands
The tremble of your voice against my ear
You’re crushing me
With your shining smile
Like I’m lifting it with the tips of my eyelashes
But the burn or your fingers
Is cutting me up inside
As my own happiness floats off and away

– Tegan Thuss

November 3 – Stop…Start Love

You taste salty, like my tears fell on your lips and stayed there as comfort for me
You smile against me and all I can think is that the moment is too serious for happiness
You squeeze life from my chest, beating, breathing in a scent like burning sun in lungs
My head is light, dizzy; you twist and twirl my senses until they are tripping in to you
I can’t discern where I am when I am near you, because I feel overpowered by you
My strings bob under the move of your hands, but I want them to glide over me, lift me up
Your legs are moving away from me and I can breathe again, but I feel naked and exposed
Empty, like pieces of me have fallen off and I don’t know how to put them back together
Do you know that when you leave you take every part of me with you?

– Tegan Thuss

October 3 – The Lady Sings of Kingdoms Out Her Window

Far from it all she sings
In her secret room
Filled with cobwebs and cotton balls
To protect her from the outer world.

She is hidden in the womb
Of a tower she never leaves
With all her thoughts locked up
And the key rusted away.

Away from it all she sleeps
No prince to come and kiss
Her into waking life
She is dead to all who pass.

In her quiet mind she spins
A tale into a tapestry
And watches as it grows
Into a story she cannot know.

She touches hands to paints
Grabs truth and faith and belief
And splashes them around on the stone
Of her little cell.

Far from it all she weeps
Cause her dreams are bigger than the walls
But she is stuck to her bed
And her hopes are deeper than the seas
But she clings to time and tears.

She cannot break away from the spinning loom
This room no bigger than a dusty tomb. 

– Tegan Thuss