November 18 – Where Stones Lay

She’s so desperate she feels the itch inside
She wants it so bad she thinks maybe she’s mad
It’s clawing at her heart and she hopes
So singular is her vision that she is blind

She couldn’t hate herself more if she tried
But right now she feels compression like chains
Dreams are floating off, away from her broken body
She’s been stuck so long she is cold marble, rust

She would rip herself free, if the burn didn’t hurt
Or the yearning didn’t etch itself on her stone skin
And she can’t hide anymore what is written
On the insides of her eyelids every time she blinks

Worthless, Empty

– Tegan Thuss


November 6 – Counting Moon Sheep

She’s tired, so tired
The weight of sleep is crushing her bones
She can feel the pull of her cushion cloud bed
But she fears letting go when she has so much to do

She’s exhausted
The tears of sleep are burning at her eyes
She can hear the call of the silence in her room
But regrets are born on careless actions

She’s winded, her breath long
Her mouth betraying her with slow moving sighs
She can feel the faint caress of cold on her feet
But moments are lost when one hides in the comfort of warmth

She’s drifting from waking to dreaming
The weariness draining the energy she needs
She lifts her head one last time against the heaviness of night
But fingers claw at her eyelids and dreams turn her thoughts inward

She’s tired, so tired
And the world shuts itself off when she closes her eyes
Even when she knows she is missing its movement
She can feel herself falling along with it

– Tegan Thuss

September 28 – Just So

The weariness drips off her skin
The silence edges closer in
She’s so tired
So tired

The sadness peels her away
She’s grasping at pieces she wish would stay
She’s so tired
So tired

The heartache keeps piercing hope
If only faith could build a wall to cope
She’s so tired
So tired

She’s got nothing left to give
The only thing she can think is just live
She’s so tired
So tired

– Tegan Thuss