March 22 – Night’s Beckoning Darkness

When I can’t sleep I feel the chill touch of fear caressing my burning brow. I hear the sounds of movement and darkness, when nothing is there. The silence suffocates, the window leaves enough light to trace the evil lurking in shadow. I wrap myself in comfort that I cannot feel, and turn to warmth that emanates from the other side of the bed. Breathing stills as my hand touches heartbeat and my rhythm slows to match his. I am calm again, the night is quiet, the world is sleeping, and my eyes are drifting shut.

– Tegan Thuss


November 16 – Glow Sticks and Cocoa

Half-moon glitter across the full black sky
Sweep around the world and glow
Across the waters ebb and flow

Starlight shimmer through the midnight air
Float on waves of brightness
And powered happy lightness

Fairy dust gather around the tips of wings
To gather all the memories we keep
To turn them into dreams in sleep

Rain that patters down across the windowsill
Smell of freshness filters through the breeze
As coloured lines in skies are all it leaves

Green grass growing under running feet
Children’s laughter flying round
Bursting through the muddy ground

Shadows disappearing in the morning light
Hopes are sitting in the corner of a smile
Let’s stay in bed just for a little while

– Tegan Thuss

November 6 – Counting Moon Sheep

She’s tired, so tired
The weight of sleep is crushing her bones
She can feel the pull of her cushion cloud bed
But she fears letting go when she has so much to do

She’s exhausted
The tears of sleep are burning at her eyes
She can hear the call of the silence in her room
But regrets are born on careless actions

She’s winded, her breath long
Her mouth betraying her with slow moving sighs
She can feel the faint caress of cold on her feet
But moments are lost when one hides in the comfort of warmth

She’s drifting from waking to dreaming
The weariness draining the energy she needs
She lifts her head one last time against the heaviness of night
But fingers claw at her eyelids and dreams turn her thoughts inward

She’s tired, so tired
And the world shuts itself off when she closes her eyes
Even when she knows she is missing its movement
She can feel herself falling along with it

– Tegan Thuss