April 16 – Broken Inhibitions

We are sitting up on this falling hill,
Slowly crawling down this black expanse.
Below we can see stars littering the ground.
We are minutes from self-destruction, reckless combustion.
Breathing in fumes of promise and escape
Hoping the fallout was worth the crash and burn.
Heartache nothing more than a stain on dark canvas,
With crystal clear intentions shattered.
Whispering goodbye in a howl of guts and twisted metal.
And grey carpet hits our feet like gravity
Endlessly fighting for the inch ahead into the shining light
Of infinity and immortality.

We’re as lonely as the silence we’ve created.


November 8 – Symphony of Bones

She sings to him at night
When the wind howls and the stars are bright
She knows it’s when he’ll hear
When nightmares and darkness press near
She’s not scared of all the shadows and the dark
Or of the lamppost swaying in the long forgotten park
With the trees humming to a midnight symphony
She thinks this is the moment when she feels most free

He comes to her when she sings
Through the fog of all unnatural things
He knows it’s her when he sees the light
She’s the only thing shining in the depths of his sight
He feels the earth tremble from her excess of pain
As he pushes on forward through the wind and the rain
He sits with her and maps the distance that he’s gained
He thinks this is the moment when he feels most chained

She feels the edge of cold and it rattles in her chest
But she knows this is the moment when she will feel him best
He feels the pull of warmth that her body can afford
But he knows that it won’t last cause he’s seen this all before
She clutches at her offering, a beacon in the gloom
And places that one rose on the raised and lonely tomb
He tries so hard to touch her, to ease away the tears
But his body is ethereal and it’s been that way for years

She sings to him at night
When the wind howls and the stars are bright
She doesn’t know he lurks about
When the fire slowly lets him out

– Tegan Thuss