April 13 – When We Breathe Regret

She is the world untethered
Fists closed around broken stone
Silence the wind, the tears

She is the tattered dreams
Left rotting in the bulging snow
Cold hatred, the burning

She is the unspoken words
Ripped from beating chests
Blood thick, the fading warmth

She is past cruelty, onward life
No returning to the fetid corpse
Bloated with regret, the hurt

She is gone from all remembering
Blown out with the pale light of dawn
Lights flickered goodbye, the sacrifice

P.S. Sorry for the looooooong wait. Been a little busy with a little baby 😀
This poem is a reject from Poetry Magazine, as are the three that will follow.


April 12 – Discussing Broken Objects

You wrap yourself up, cushion tight
To protect yourself from the pinpricks and the barbs
But when one of them breaks through
You can’t stem the flow of the ever growing wound
It’s not too easy to look past the pain
It sticks to your heart even when it has healed

– Tegan Thuss

September 2 – Too Little

Your jealousy is showing
It’s creeping up your spine
It’s never found an easier ladder to climb

Your envy is showing
It’s clasping your hands so tight
It’s never found a victim more willing to fight

Your shallowness is showing
It’s in the push of your bra, the sway of your hips
It’s telling you the innocence you lost means nothing with your lips

Your purity is drowning
It’s in the loss in your eyes, the hurt in your stance
It’s gripping to the last of your light in every step of this dance

Your darkness is growing
It’s eating the very essence of your soul
It’s the death that you greet, the pit where you’ll fall

You’re burning up with hate
As you keep screaming “Too Little Too Late”

– Tegan Thuss

August 21 – Almost Alive

She’s running from herself
But her chains keep pulling her back
She’s trying to shine so brightly
But she’s covered by her own darkness

She wants to leave the past behind
But memories cling to all her broken parts
She burns to hold something other than fear
But there’s no escaping the scars it has left

She yearns for a freedom, she can almost taste it
But something always crushes her hopes
She can feel the air turn around her, close in on her
But isn’t breathing meant for living, not for choking on regret

She tries to grab happiness in her hands
But all she can clutch is the sadness in her heart
She claws her way up, can almost see the light
But she’s buried too far down in her soul

She feels the tears rain down
She begs for them to wash away the hurt and pain.

– Tegan Thuss