April 14 – Promises Returned

He once promised her moonlight to dance under; with those thick, heavy blues that she found herself falling into. Even though he could only produce the blinding light of electricity, she felt that maybe they were dancing all alone in the silence of space.

He once promised her love notes to live on; with that soft, supple smile that she found she wanted to taste. Even though he only ever sent email reminders of their plans, she felt each word was whispering “I love you.”

He once promised her eternity in his arms; with those strong hands wrapped round her waist like they were one. Even though they keep getting older, and their time is finite, she knows he really meant it.


March 9 – A Promise Made Early, Dear Child

I am writing to remind you how to be yourself. I’m crazy for your happiness, and love you too dearly for words. Listen to your silent song, close your eyes and let it drift from the tip of your hair down through your heart and out through your toes. Sit in wild flowers, sleep in the long grass, and dream, dream, dream. Laugh because your heart aches and swim when you feel the chill begin to clasp your bones. Life is more than moving forward, it’s about grasping perfect moments and taking chances on others and on yourself. Watch fireflies dance in moonlight, firelight flicker and be sure to watch the spaces between the stars as much as you watch those ever glowing reminders of infinity outside ourselves. We are secrets and memories, sadness and happiness, hollow promises and forged alliances. We burn with knowledge, always trying to achieve that next step, forgetting all the lessons before us, the romance and the silence. We are machine, we are man, we are human. We feel, we feel, we feel. We are love…
You will shine, in my eyes, you will shine.

– Tegan Thuss