October 15 – When Mother Earth Awakes

She reaches up
Hand holding stars
She releases dreams

– Tegan Thuss 


September 22 – When the Air Lives

Soft breeze blows across table top
Caresses exposed skin
Creates shivers and goosebumps
Reminds us we are ever moving
Ever changing, ever flowing

Soft breeze blows across table top
A single strand of eternity
Floating through a sky
That could fall or could lift
It feels like moments tingling

Soft breeze blows across table top
Fingers press into keys
Trying to capture air
With words that never knew how to speak
That never knew themselves

Soft breeze blows across table top
It feels limitless, immortal
It takes the end right out the window with it

– Tegan Thuss 

September 4 – Rain

It pattered on the roof
fell lightly on the ground
and splashed on the feet of a smiling child

It crept through the window
sprinkled the lawns
and sprayed across the outstretched wing of a bird

It leapt from puddle to puddle
churned across a floating river
and sank into the endless ocean

It refreshed everything it touched
the dry land was once more fertile
and humanity danced to the feel of freedom washing over them 

– Tegan Thuss

August 29 – We Weep Together

This line of trees sits at the edge of the river
All twisted roots and swaying leaves
The river cleans its tired limbs, its trodden feet
All borrowed bark and dripping sap
The river shares its peaceful rest, its silent laps
All broken twigs and falling arms
The river embraces its changing nature, its weakened form
This line of trees droops over the edge of the river
Drowning tears in its blue, blue depths

– Tegan Thuss

August 17 – Night’s Lullaby

Crickets sing softly
Their song floats on the whispering wind
Past the silent trees, and the calm river
Over the yawning mountains, and below the tired clouds.
The sun is setting, eyelids closing to the lullaby of night
The moon arises, a dream of light in darkness
The stars peak out, look down and wonder,
How the earth can sleep when there is music in the air
When there is laughter in the reeds
When tiny sparks blink on and off to the beat of wings
When the night owl spreads its feathers to catch the shadows
And the bats collide with the solidness of sound.
How can the world be sleeping
When such beauty roams upon it…

– Tegan Thuss

August 6 – Growing Strong

Light filters down to the forest floor
A caress on old bark
A limb yet to be removed from the hard shell
Touching the earth with a tender kindness
Silence in the rows of falling trees
Life is movement of bows
Shifting in the tireless breeze
Roots dig deep
Grasping the past between clenched hands
There is no ending here
Only moments of reaching the sky

– Tegan Thuss