November 16 – Glow Sticks and Cocoa

Half-moon glitter across the full black sky
Sweep around the world and glow
Across the waters ebb and flow

Starlight shimmer through the midnight air
Float on waves of brightness
And powered happy lightness

Fairy dust gather around the tips of wings
To gather all the memories we keep
To turn them into dreams in sleep

Rain that patters down across the windowsill
Smell of freshness filters through the breeze
As coloured lines in skies are all it leaves

Green grass growing under running feet
Children’s laughter flying round
Bursting through the muddy ground

Shadows disappearing in the morning light
Hopes are sitting in the corner of a smile
Let’s stay in bed just for a little while

– Tegan Thuss


September 21 – Behind the Cover of that Romance Novel

We’re at the beginning of the book
Two pages in, just starting the story
The first paragraph was epic
It threw us down, tore us up, and set us in motion
The second one kept us going, dragged us further
The third one made us think, and from there we grew
Now we’re staying the course
Flipping the pages
Burning through the chapters
As though time was just an idea we once had, but forgot

We’re at the beginning
We’re just the foreplay
We’re the first whispered lyric
The quick peck on the first date
The first eye open in the morning
The first click of the hour

We’re ready to move forward
To walk past the opening
And dive right in the middle
Into the mess, the sticky business

But don’t worry
No end is in sight
Not while our blood is boiling
While our hairs are sticking up
Not while our skin is scorching
And our hearts are beating in time

In time with the turn of the record
The flicker of the light
The brush of the pen
The dip in the dance
The edge of a smile

We’re at the beginning of a long story
Ten pages in, with one more page in the first chapter
I can smell the paper, feel the words
Taste your lips in the next sentence… 

– Tegan Thuss