December 17 – When We Aren’t Ourselves

We are shadows of our pasts
Dancing on the walls
As we watch and wish for something more

We are sketches of a time
When life was easier
And love was always there to touch

We are promises now lost
Behind the truth
As we watch time pass and steal our dreams

We are never ourselves
When we hide
Everything we think will chain us down

We are afraid
Of change
Of being different
Of being happy

– Tegan Thuss 


September 23 – Time as Enemy

Time slips away over the horizon
She lays her head down and catches air
Dreams float by but she has no way to hold them
If she cries the tears fall then fly away
Clouds reach out to grasp them, rain never tasted so salty

Time slips away over the horizon
She wishes forever wasn’t just a word

– Tegan Thuss 

July 29 – End of Beginnings

These are those days when the sky is falling, but everyone’s too busy to notice that they may as well be floating into space.

This is that time when no one watches as the clocks start to tick faster, all in too much of a hurry to feel the weight of lost moments crushing them into their graves.

Here are those fragments that no one has picked up, littering the ground as people pass without a thought to how they fit together to form some perfect image, some dream like world.

These hearts, beating forever out of rhythm, are ready to burst; no one can hear the air grasping each chest and pulling out each soul.

Lips draped in misery, try to whisper “I’m sorry”; but the meaning gets lost in the silence that hangs from throats, all ropes and knots.

Here is where love falls, drifts lazily to the ground, catches the wind and moves over the world slowly, but always at arm’s length; we are running to catch an ideal we do not even know anymore, cannot feel.

We are all lost, but all still moving restlessly…toward an end, but no beginnings.

– Tegan Thuss