April 11 – We Fall Down

We are silence unbound
            by our own anger.
We live with fear
            etched on our broken ribs.
Echoes of our happiness
            trim the windows filled with dust.
The scars we leave have
            become the trophies on our shelves.
Rain clouds gather constantly
            to hide the sting of tears.
We bear it slowly with our smiles
            as false as the promises littered on the floor.

– Tegan Thuss


August 12 – A Dime A Day

You get five free minutes of happiness
It’s $10 for every hour after that
I can’t even afford a 10¢ smile these days

We watch moving boxes
Float down painted black paths
On the way to collapsing, but at least it pays

Yellow squares write things that you forget to remember
While squashing vocabulary with shortness
Kids grow large while their bodies stay small

It’s midnight but the lights are blinding
Over electrified motion flows through giant arms
Reaching to a sky that is just about to fall

We are free standing mountains
Chained to smoke, signs, the stampeding city
We are lost naturalism, we are tarnished humanity

I spent my five free minutes before I knew to count
And the cost for more is above my pay grade
All I can barter for is the rights to insanity

It’s cheaper to be nothing
Than to pay to be something you ain’t

– Tegan Thuss