April 12 – Discussing Broken Objects

You wrap yourself up, cushion tight
To protect yourself from the pinpricks and the barbs
But when one of them breaks through
You can’t stem the flow of the ever growing wound
It’s not too easy to look past the pain
It sticks to your heart even when it has healed

– Tegan Thuss


April 11 – We Fall Down

We are silence unbound
            by our own anger.
We live with fear
            etched on our broken ribs.
Echoes of our happiness
            trim the windows filled with dust.
The scars we leave have
            become the trophies on our shelves.
Rain clouds gather constantly
            to hide the sting of tears.
We bear it slowly with our smiles
            as false as the promises littered on the floor.

– Tegan Thuss

March 24 – Monday Morning

Mini microbes
invade brain socket
with warning bells
of fettered destiny

Warring rain fall eyes
pick clean the glue
pressed torn papers
from savaged skin

Bloodied nails
cling to dress fragments
ash remembered
feet bared on tar

Catastrophe caught
in a nylon net 
held by calloused fingers
wet with hope

I didn’t come here
for the stars
I burn here
for the sun

– Tegan Thuss

March 23 – When Life Hands You Lemons

How many days until these moments flood our minds with smiles, laughter, tears and pain?

How many days until we come to see that my hands fit perfectly into the crook of your neck?

How many days until we realize love has glued the inside of my soul to the outside of your heart?

– Tegan Thuss 

March 20 – Little/Big Dreams

Every time you reach for the moon
I reach for the stars
So it will be a little harder, a little farther
More work, more effort
But when I get there, when I hold them
I’ll know it was worth it
All that time and energy, all those breaths
Your dreams were big
But mine were larger than the Universe

– Tegan Thuss

March 9 – A Promise Made Early, Dear Child

I am writing to remind you how to be yourself. I’m crazy for your happiness, and love you too dearly for words. Listen to your silent song, close your eyes and let it drift from the tip of your hair down through your heart and out through your toes. Sit in wild flowers, sleep in the long grass, and dream, dream, dream. Laugh because your heart aches and swim when you feel the chill begin to clasp your bones. Life is more than moving forward, it’s about grasping perfect moments and taking chances on others and on yourself. Watch fireflies dance in moonlight, firelight flicker and be sure to watch the spaces between the stars as much as you watch those ever glowing reminders of infinity outside ourselves. We are secrets and memories, sadness and happiness, hollow promises and forged alliances. We burn with knowledge, always trying to achieve that next step, forgetting all the lessons before us, the romance and the silence. We are machine, we are man, we are human. We feel, we feel, we feel. We are love…
You will shine, in my eyes, you will shine.

– Tegan Thuss

March 8 – Silent Fisherman Feels a Tug on the Line

If I could write a thousand words
This page would be filled
With sonnets and dramatic prose
All expressing a love
So binding it takes the breath
Out of the lungs
And replaces it with the infinite
Number of stars and black space
Bursting in the Universe

But my mouth and hands are hollow
Yearning to leave traces
On the paper of your touch
Your lips, their smile, their kiss
No paper knows the justice
Of romance and devotion
Cannot express emotion
Without falling flat
Without changing it to something less

So I keep the thoughts I hold
The memories we share
The moments I have stolen
With your heart
Locked up in my soul
Trapped in my eyes
Dripping through my veins
Leaking through my pores
Only to be caught by you

– Tegan Thuss

March 4 – Broken World Corked

And in this moment I am not willing to bend
I will wait until the world tears me in half

Stars could shred me with their shine
I’d still look up and say “I dare you!”

Planets colliding, dark spaces growing
You’ll know how I feel by the end of the world

I’ll lie with you on the broken ground, words ripped apart around
We’ll link hands across the cracked surface

When the waves take us, we’ll breathe
For the first time

– Tegan Thuss

March 2 – unfinished

We touch in secret with our hands
A silent prayer
Love spilling from my palm to yours
While other’s whisper hate

Our smiles glowing with a hidden knowledge
Of how hearts grow
The simplest magic being the corner of a smile
Lips slowly parting

– Tegan Thuss

P.S. Sorry for the long delay, I will be trying to catch up within the next few days.