April 15 – A Hollow Space Left

Those broken eyes
Sad, lonely light to live with

Candle wicks now fading
Heart stolen with the evening wind

A broken plate rests on the dark walnut floors
Shattered pieces, disconnected memories

An empty seat, impression in the cushion of something that should have lasted longer than a spark.

A dangerous silence
Calloused hands wrap around empty promises

Cold food that would have been
Could have been a beginning mid-book

Tabletop filled with nothingness, desolate with tattered chords of maybes, then with a hollow aching goodbye. Longer than the slow motion swaying of a walk to and out the door.

The click the only sound left, deafening


April 13 – When We Breathe Regret

She is the world untethered
Fists closed around broken stone
Silence the wind, the tears

She is the tattered dreams
Left rotting in the bulging snow
Cold hatred, the burning

She is the unspoken words
Ripped from beating chests
Blood thick, the fading warmth

She is past cruelty, onward life
No returning to the fetid corpse
Bloated with regret, the hurt

She is gone from all remembering
Blown out with the pale light of dawn
Lights flickered goodbye, the sacrifice

P.S. Sorry for the looooooong wait. Been a little busy with a little baby 😀
This poem is a reject from Poetry Magazine, as are the three that will follow.

March 26 – Some Sad Lonely Song

She’s swaying her hips to a slow song in her head
No one knows the tune, or why she hears it
But she just keeps moving, legs twisting and turning
Like being in motion is the only thing holding her together

Everything is quiet, all eyes on her easy sashay across the floor
No one knows how to stop her dance, or if they want to
And she’s making it hard for anyone to remember
If she was always this unhappy, or if happiness existed at all

Her empty beer is on the bar, lipstick glued to the shine
Her eyes are closed so she doesn’t have to see
That she’s still here, that there are people around
She’s alone in her mind, slow song blaring memories

The song keeps going, no end in sight
She’s got nothing left of herself but this moment
The alcohol has sweated out of her system
A faded photograph image slips from behind her eyes

Her tears are falling as her feet refuse to move
She falls to the floor and no one moves to help
She is an echo of sadness that they all know too well
Life beating the will to move on out of them all

– Tegan Thuss