April 13 – When We Breathe Regret

She is the world untethered
Fists closed around broken stone
Silence the wind, the tears

She is the tattered dreams
Left rotting in the bulging snow
Cold hatred, the burning

She is the unspoken words
Ripped from beating chests
Blood thick, the fading warmth

She is past cruelty, onward life
No returning to the fetid corpse
Bloated with regret, the hurt

She is gone from all remembering
Blown out with the pale light of dawn
Lights flickered goodbye, the sacrifice

P.S. Sorry for the looooooong wait. Been a little busy with a little baby 😀
This poem is a reject from Poetry Magazine, as are the three that will follow.


March 19 – Echoes Released

And when I die
Will you thank me for the rain you cried
The years of solitude
While having someone near

The pigeon hole we formed
That kept us from the world
A dungeon we could return to
Without our hearts in tact

The whispered words
To hard to hear
Over the callous anger
To loud to bear

We were ourselves
We weren’t how we wanted
Torn and shredded cause we meant it
Everything was real and fake

In the end there won’t be tears
There won’t be goodbyes
No hand holding or skin touching
Just an echo of a breath now gone

– Tegan Thuss

December 15 – I’m Dreaming in Red

You’re that evil side I try to hide
Clinging to me, with that sinister smile
Burning me up as you’re tying me down
And I’m laughing so loud…

On the inside

You’re that horrible part
Digging in to me, with that black glow in your soul
Churning my heart as you’re tearing it out
And I’m laughing so loud…

In my head

You’re that terrible screaming I hear
Ripping through me, with fire in your hands
Turning me round as you’re pinning my wings
And I’m laughing so hard…

Through my veins

You’re that awful secret I keep
Locking me up, with the click of your key
Making me whole as you’re cutting me up
And I’m laughing so hard…

Can’t anyone hear me?

– Tegan Thuss