January 1 – 2012

The stars have faded
Sparkles having evaded the air
Fallen neath the travelling feet.

Songs have quieted
The night air swallowing
The raised and cheery voices.

Fireworks have sizzled
Burning down and out
Raining on the upturned eyes.

A new year rises
With the morning fog
As dreams cling to slumber.

– Tegan Thuss


December 12 – Difference Between Real and Pretend

Last night she was
All floating in a dream

With feet that soared
And smiles that shone

Nothing mattered
As the world stopped

And crystal skies
Drew wandering eyes

Last night she was
All drifting in a vision

With arms that grew
And cheeks that sang

Everything mattered
As the Earth spun mad

And misty water cried
As all the magic died

Last night she was
All trapped in a nightmare

With legs broken
And body chained

She didn’t matter
As the world kept turning

And floorboards held her hand
As she tried to understand

Last night she was
This morning she is
Awake at dawn
Clinging to fading memories

– Tegan Thuss 

September 25 – Ancient Growing Songs

Ancient skies spread arms wide
Over quiet, country town
Rain clouds build
And hope falls down
Silence echoes round every corner

Fresh soil springs with new life
In a quiet, country town
Corn husks fill
And flower buds bloom
Slow motion fills the time with wonder

Speckled stars look down
On a quiet, country town
The space seems thick
The distance long
But the magic still goes strong

– Tegan Thuss 

August 4 – You Are. Aren’t You?

Doesn’t it feel like your bones are churning, yearning to tear apart, rip out of your body and dance. Doesn’t it feel like you missed your chance to leap from your mind, to let your soul fly into the unknown and gallop across the endless blue of the sky. Doesn’t it feel like that little heart of yours isn’t pumping enough magic into your blood stream, that you are shrinking while the whole world is growing out of proportion, out of sight, out of control.

Where can you go, now that you have lost yourself. It’s too hard to move forward when all the best little bits of you have been thrown into the wind and are floating behind you like invisible wings that you forgot to look for….It’s too hard to feel the weight of happiness, when it is digging you into an Earth that seems to move around you, but you are frozen in forever and eternity and shallow sadness. It’s too hard when all your tears have fallen and have flooded you with an emptiness you cannot bear.

When will you make it right, when will you toss aside the yeses and the maybes and the nos and just be now and ever and changing. When will you give up on the idea that adulthood is about responsibility and all things are meant to chain you down, cling to your wrists, to burn through your eyes into a soul you once thought weighed no more than the skittles you used to lick and slurp and spread in rainbow colours along the base of your bed.

It’s not too late, just leap, just jump, just gallop, just be…be…be…who you are, not some lost child in an adults robes, not some sad kid in some older persons skin. You gotta be the world, you have to be everything you ever wanted, wrapped up in the moment, wrapped up in what you are, in what you were, and what you were always meant to be. You are. Aren’t you?

– Tegan Thuss