December 28 – Haunted by Shadows

We are shadows of the living
Crawling up from the past
Clawing at your senses
As you pass us by

You think we are figments
Gone in the blink of an eye
But we rise again
Haunting you

The dead can chill the heart
Twist and turn the dagger deep
If you let us rest a minute
In the house while you sleep

We are darkness in the light
Creeping in the corner
You turn and we are gone
But we can never really leave

We weep because we linger
There is no way to go
So we stay close to the living
To remember who we’ve been

– Tegan Thuss 


December 13 – You Always Were Disappearing

I can hear you singing
Like the ghost I always knew you would be
Quiet and alone
Soft voice rising
Dark corners colliding

I can hear you shifting
Like the ghost I always knew you could be
Distant and cold
Body fading
Shadows overriding

I can hear you crying
Like the ghost I always knew you should be
Reaching for a hand
That will never hold
Waiting, hiding

– Tegan Thuss 

November 1 – Ghost Morning

Black water burning down the heavens
Grey sky laced with white ribbon
Sunlight sets the scene with shadow death
Solitary seagull screams into silence, deafening
Orange spreads like blood on pavement
Greeting solid mass with a lonely kiss
Dark night fades, tears fall from bowed grass
Dirt cracks dry smile, frost spreads motion
Emptiness spills from fog and dawn light

– Tegan Thuss