March 24 – Monday Morning

Mini microbes
invade brain socket
with warning bells
of fettered destiny

Warring rain fall eyes
pick clean the glue
pressed torn papers
from savaged skin

Bloodied nails
cling to dress fragments
ash remembered
feet bared on tar

Catastrophe caught
in a nylon net 
held by calloused fingers
wet with hope

I didn’t come here
for the stars
I burn here
for the sun

– Tegan Thuss


February 14 – Valentine for the World

I put my palm flat against the tree
Took a deep breath
Then listened

I heard the bark shifting
The leaves rustling
The sap flowing
The roots drinking

My own heart slowing
My skin changing
My smile lifting
My toes tingling

I lay myself at the foot of the tree
Look up into the branches
Then drift away

I can feel the wind shaking
The grass clinging
The world turning
The tree growing

My life is expanding
My eyes are closing
My dreams are flying
My soul is floating

Up, up and away

– Tegan Thuss

November 13 – Andromeda’s Tears

The moon looked down on a quiet planet
So pure and silent as the stars
With greens that echoed history
And blues that drowned in pasts

The moon looked down on a sleeping planet
So tired and lonely as outer space
With yellows that would turn it to dust
And browns that would rip it apart

The moon looked down on a falling planet
So lost and uneasy as the asteroids
With reds that called for burning
And purples that forgot their place

The moon looked down on a broken planet
So scared and scarred as constellations
With colours all to brand its face
And nothing left but hollowed promise

– Tegan Thuss 

November 1 – Ghost Morning

Black water burning down the heavens
Grey sky laced with white ribbon
Sunlight sets the scene with shadow death
Solitary seagull screams into silence, deafening
Orange spreads like blood on pavement
Greeting solid mass with a lonely kiss
Dark night fades, tears fall from bowed grass
Dirt cracks dry smile, frost spreads motion
Emptiness spills from fog and dawn light

– Tegan Thuss

October 22 – Hidden In Shadow

Smog slowly settles on the bustling city
Crawling over alleys and back gutters
Hiding sins of yesterday under thick clouds
Cleaning the streets as it curves round bends
There is no escaping its grasping claws
As it curls and fills each resident with change
Hope, despair and loss float on its wind
The fog settles on our shoulders as we drift
Drift, drift, drift…

– Tegan Thuss

P.S. Sorry for the long delay, was in New Orleans for five days and will be posting each days poem under the 28th…28th to come later today. 

September 30 – The Human Plague

Mother Gaia drew her bow
And let her arrow fly
Her savage cry rang out with it
As it soared into the sky

Father Time released his sand
And let the rivers flow
His tired eyes were almost closed
It was time for him to go

Sister Moon looked down in pain
While her family fell away
She cried and all her teardrops fell
Turned lightness into grey

Brother Sun just smiled his smile
As he refused to shine
He knew the world was dying first
But he was always fine

Baby Earth was cold as ice
Breathing its last breath
Its body sick with parasites
That brought with them its death

– Tegan Thuss 

September 25 – Ancient Growing Songs

Ancient skies spread arms wide
Over quiet, country town
Rain clouds build
And hope falls down
Silence echoes round every corner

Fresh soil springs with new life
In a quiet, country town
Corn husks fill
And flower buds bloom
Slow motion fills the time with wonder

Speckled stars look down
On a quiet, country town
The space seems thick
The distance long
But the magic still goes strong

– Tegan Thuss