April 15 – A Hollow Space Left

Those broken eyes
Sad, lonely light to live with

Candle wicks now fading
Heart stolen with the evening wind

A broken plate rests on the dark walnut floors
Shattered pieces, disconnected memories

An empty seat, impression in the cushion of something that should have lasted longer than a spark.

A dangerous silence
Calloused hands wrap around empty promises

Cold food that would have been
Could have been a beginning mid-book

Tabletop filled with nothingness, desolate with tattered chords of maybes, then with a hollow aching goodbye. Longer than the slow motion swaying of a walk to and out the door.

The click the only sound left, deafening


November 2 – Simple Beginnings and Perfect Endings

I’m painting clouds with eyes that may never see again
But at least they’ve seen you
I’m stretching arms that may never feel warmth again
But at least I wrapped you safely in them
I’m taking steps my legs may never remember
But at least I had this dance, this timeless loop with you
I’m listening to your voice with ears that may go silent
But at least they caught the meaning in your poetry
I’m whispering to you with a tongue bent for ending
But at least I could thread you a story with my words
I’m feeling with this bursting heart, that one day will stop
But right now beats with you at its core

– Tegan Thuss