February 23 – Reaching Out

You and me falling faster than the stars
In a cold, dark sky
Rotating round a crumbling planet
Just little bits of granite

You and me just two tired trees
Sap soaking our weary faces
Roots clinging to the ground of home
Itching with the want to roam

You and me dancing like burning flames
In tired, wounded hearts
Little sparks are splashing off our souls
And healing all the holes

– Tegan Thuss


January 1 – 2012

The stars have faded
Sparkles having evaded the air
Fallen neath the travelling feet.

Songs have quieted
The night air swallowing
The raised and cheery voices.

Fireworks have sizzled
Burning down and out
Raining on the upturned eyes.

A new year rises
With the morning fog
As dreams cling to slumber.

– Tegan Thuss

December 12 – Difference Between Real and Pretend

Last night she was
All floating in a dream

With feet that soared
And smiles that shone

Nothing mattered
As the world stopped

And crystal skies
Drew wandering eyes

Last night she was
All drifting in a vision

With arms that grew
And cheeks that sang

Everything mattered
As the Earth spun mad

And misty water cried
As all the magic died

Last night she was
All trapped in a nightmare

With legs broken
And body chained

She didn’t matter
As the world kept turning

And floorboards held her hand
As she tried to understand

Last night she was
This morning she is
Awake at dawn
Clinging to fading memories

– Tegan Thuss 

October 21 – New in the Orleans

She’s spreading her wings open and flying south
Hoping to capture some deep dark magic in her soul
She’ll dance in fire and float on water
As the air catches her breath and binds it to the city

She will crumble under the weight of history
While yearning for a shiny new future
And the river will collide with her body
Forcing her to shift and change with the flow

She can dare to dream big, when the easy is going
As she learns to aim true to her heart

– Tegan Thuss 

October 19 – Morning Song So Soft

Fire sky morning
Burning brilliant orange
Captures dreams in clouds of gold

Red light filters
Over shifting grey pavement
As water washes from teary stars

Sunrise sparks off sleeping trees
And movement breaks from silence
As fog grabs hold of shivering grass

Moon lifts heavy lids
Sun pushes with a force of scorching
Day shifts into being, born on dying yesterdays

– Tegan Thuss

September 26 – To Sit Still

I look down the road toward my future
And glance back to the curves of my past
And I think right here in the middle is a nice place to stay
For a while, for a while

I sit down in my present, on the edge of the curb
Look down at the road, all black from the world
And I think right here in between it all is a nice place to be
For a while, for a while

I hold out my hand, stick up my thumb
And think I’ll just wait for another soul to pass
And I think right here is a nice place to catch them by and by
For a while, for a while

The curb is hard on my spine, rigid on my back
But the grass on my hands feels like freedom and choice
And I think that leaning on it is helping me think for a change
For a while, for a while

The sky is open and blue, but down the road it’s foggy and unsure
Back in the past I can see the darkness, can see the faded light
And I think right now its bright, no better place to soak up the sun
For a while, for a while

And if the day turns to night, I know I’ll see the stars
Because in the present they share your dreams
And I think maybe my dreams are just a reach away from here
For a while, for a while

My feet feel antsy, and the present seems tired
Everything is waiting for me to move forward
And I think, tomorrow I will, but today I think I’ll sit
For a while, for a while

– Tegan Thuss

September 25 – Ancient Growing Songs

Ancient skies spread arms wide
Over quiet, country town
Rain clouds build
And hope falls down
Silence echoes round every corner

Fresh soil springs with new life
In a quiet, country town
Corn husks fill
And flower buds bloom
Slow motion fills the time with wonder

Speckled stars look down
On a quiet, country town
The space seems thick
The distance long
But the magic still goes strong

– Tegan Thuss 

August 29 – We Weep Together

This line of trees sits at the edge of the river
All twisted roots and swaying leaves
The river cleans its tired limbs, its trodden feet
All borrowed bark and dripping sap
The river shares its peaceful rest, its silent laps
All broken twigs and falling arms
The river embraces its changing nature, its weakened form
This line of trees droops over the edge of the river
Drowning tears in its blue, blue depths

– Tegan Thuss

August 13 – Metamorphic

When the sun rose I could swear I heard a whisper of you
Some sensory illusion, trick of the light
You faded with the shadows and melted with the ice

When the clouds parted you were gone
All smoke and flames and wreckage burned out
All sadness escaped with the rain

Your being used to shine like the distant horizon
Always getting closer but never within reach
Always setting, always saying goodbye

Now I look up and I see black sky
I see you, but only as a ghost of a star
So far away that you are already forgotten

– Tegan Thuss