March 22 – Night’s Beckoning Darkness

When I can’t sleep I feel the chill touch of fear caressing my burning brow. I hear the sounds of movement and darkness, when nothing is there. The silence suffocates, the window leaves enough light to trace the evil lurking in shadow. I wrap myself in comfort that I cannot feel, and turn to warmth that emanates from the other side of the bed. Breathing stills as my hand touches heartbeat and my rhythm slows to match his. I am calm again, the night is quiet, the world is sleeping, and my eyes are drifting shut.

– Tegan Thuss


March 21 – Muse

Let me float down to your world
Lie glistening over your head
You’ll feel the cool breeze of my smile
The tingle of my hand smoothing those stray locks
My heart will be the thunder
My soul will shine the sun
An invisible light burning through your faded eyes
You’ve been waiting for me
Waiting for a change of fate
I will be the essence on the shoulder of your words
Play a song with me inside
Whisper words I’ve lent your tongue
We will curl our shadows around the Earth, echoes of

Remember us

– Tegan Thuss

March 20 – Little/Big Dreams

Every time you reach for the moon
I reach for the stars
So it will be a little harder, a little farther
More work, more effort
But when I get there, when I hold them
I’ll know it was worth it
All that time and energy, all those breaths
Your dreams were big
But mine were larger than the Universe

– Tegan Thuss

March 19 – Echoes Released

And when I die
Will you thank me for the rain you cried
The years of solitude
While having someone near

The pigeon hole we formed
That kept us from the world
A dungeon we could return to
Without our hearts in tact

The whispered words
To hard to hear
Over the callous anger
To loud to bear

We were ourselves
We weren’t how we wanted
Torn and shredded cause we meant it
Everything was real and fake

In the end there won’t be tears
There won’t be goodbyes
No hand holding or skin touching
Just an echo of a breath now gone

– Tegan Thuss

March 13 – Love’s Reckoning

The light
The darkness

A sharp pain drilling into the edge of my skin
An imprint that cannot fade

The sunshine burning on my upturned face
The stars that beckon in the night sky

I am afraid of the power of you
I fear nothing when I am with you

The goodness
The bad

The cool water running down my back in the rain
The chill of a winter wind turning my hair

The dip just where my neck meets my shoulder
Where your tongue traces lines as I shiver

I am scared of the force of you
I am a force with my love for you

– Tegan Thuss