February 24 – Battered by the Quiet

When we sit together you always choose to be the rock and I always feel safest as the hard place. We always seem to set our problems in the middle and stir a pot I didn’t know we owned. I hate when you’re right, more so when I’m wrong; but the hurt when you’re wrong and your face falls frozen in the moment is worse than the sadness my eyes seem to feel. Our fights are silent, battles with our eyes, with our hearts, with our minds. We look and prey on each twitch, each pore, each slowly falling sweat drop. Knowing that speaking would break this boundless argument, that we always crawl towards. We are picture frames where no one smiles, always looking at something other than each other, seemingly deep in thought but never really wanting to reveal the depths inside. You cut me with the coldness of your stature, and I prick you with the stiffness of my stance. We are always nothing, when everything is going on around us in the darkness. You and I cannot function together, as much as we cannot function apart.

– Tegan Thuss


February 23 – Reaching Out

You and me falling faster than the stars
In a cold, dark sky
Rotating round a crumbling planet
Just little bits of granite

You and me just two tired trees
Sap soaking our weary faces
Roots clinging to the ground of home
Itching with the want to roam

You and me dancing like burning flames
In tired, wounded hearts
Little sparks are splashing off our souls
And healing all the holes

– Tegan Thuss

February 22 – A Confession to the Dying

You’ve always been that little voice
Coaxing me through life and love
You’ve always been that shining smile
Holding my heart in the palm of your hands
Like I was tender, cherished beyond anything

You’ve always shown me happiness
With the sparkle of your eye
You’ve always fixed my broken parts
Gluing the fragile fragments back together
Like I wasn’t damaged, destroyed

You’ve always been the better part of me
No regrets or guilt at all
You’ve always shown me what it is to live
My heart racing to catch up to yours
Like I could do anything, be anything

You’ve always known how to read the stars
Dreams and memories colliding into galaxies
You’ve always made the world grow
With the sharp wit of your voice
Like it knew you were worth moving for

You’ve always been my light in darkness
Letting me fight the shadows
You’ve always been the fairy dust
Helping me to fly into my hopes
Like my tears were a river, floating you onward

You’ve always been my compass
And I will find you again, when it’s time to rest my weary soul

– Tegan Thuss

February 21 – The Worth of Love

I’d take that risk for you
Eyes open, glaring down the end of everything
Because you are worth fighting for
You are worth dying for

I’d burn the gates for you
Slam myself into a force that will break me
Because you are worth trying for
You are worth lying for

I’d turn the world upside down for you
Tempt fate, laugh when all that’s left is pain
Because you are worth changing for
You are worth stopping for

I’d let you go if it’s all you needed
Rip my heart out and send it with you
Because you are worth shining for
You are worth living for

– Tegan Thuss

February 20 – When We All Fall, I’ll Fall With You

When the stars fall down
We’ll be just two people in a dying world
And the Earth will stop turning
But our hearts will keep beating
The sky so black without hope of light
Our bodies entwined our hands clenched tight

When the seas stop flowing
We’ll be just two people in the decaying world
And the Earth will stop growing
But our blood will keep pumping
There’s nothing left for us but pain
So I’ll just clasp you to my chest again.

– Tegan Thuss 

February 17 – Fragile

Let’s strip off the world
Just be you and me naked
In the dark, skin shining light

We’ll forget about the stars
About the moon and sun
We’ll be just us two and nothing

Our shallow breathing the only sound
Our hearts beating deep inside
And silence twining round our hands

No halos or claws
Just two humans living
Knowing one day they’ll be dying

– Tegan Thuss

February 16 – Glass Fragments to Reflect our Eyes

If you rip these scars open
I know you are the only one who can heal them again
With your soft smile and your gentle touch
And even though you pierce my soul
You love that you can see me better through the cracks you’ve made

I’m not so naïve to believe you love me if you don’t
But in those moments when your eyes melt my skin
I can see that you want to be the one to hold me up
To take the broken shards of my glass heart
To glue it back together, even though my sharpness tends to cut you

We once fit together, but we fell off that ledge and shattered
Now we’re imperfect bits, sharp edges, and we’ve lost some parts
But somehow it makes us better, makes us more whole
When we can look at all we’ve lost and still know the holes will shine
Even when we think the darkness is too deep

– Tegan Thuss

February 15 – Lights Under the Big Top

The studded lights under the canvas tent
Are sparkling like the stars opening the Universe
And your hand in mine is warm
Maybe we’re falling balls of light and happiness
With dancers in the air laughing as they land
Our hearts are flips and flops over the bars
And when you catch me I know your grip won’t slip
Majestic horses prance around an enclosed ring
But we can see the wild still hovering in their eyes
Just like our love, which cannot be contained
You buy the peanuts and I fling them forward
Hoping that the trunk is like a stretching smile
Our feet touch the ground, so we don’t fly away
With the sound of roars deafening our ears
The fairy lights under this canvas tent
Remind us of the magic in each other

– Tegan Thuss