November 24 – She Craves, He Complies

She was five sentences away from happy
When the world shifted and the words dropped

She could hear them coming, washing over her slowly
When the tide turned and the waves crashed down

She had hoped they would cleanse and bathe her
Instead she feels mud thick, soul dredged through muck

She feels tears fall like pinpricks on her open wound
And her heart is shriveling inside her empty shell

She wants to hide her shame, live inside her head
Where no one would know the torment she feels lashing her

He smiles, so sure of himself
Not knowing the power that his claws have
The strength they exert as they rip and tear at her

She smiles back, so lost
But she won’t let him see the hurt
The daggers sinking in to flesh

She releases her light
It flashes for a second and fades
She feels naked in the darkness his careless whispers have created

– Tegan Thuss


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