November 5 – Warm Winter Feeling

He’s been shoveling the driveway the past half hour
It’s cold and damp and his fingers feel frozen to the bone
He wants to be done, to go into the warmth of his house and her arms
He knows there’s hot coffee waiting, cookies to eat and decorations to hang
He stands up straight to stretch his sore back, twists and turns
He sees a smiling face in the window and smiles back
She creates a fog just below her mouth and starts to write something
She’s writing it backwards so he can read it, he chuckles cause she’s cute like this
He reads the words and his whole world shifts around him like falling snow
Shovel forgotten, coffee goes cold, snow packs around his frozen feet
He moves without thinking to the door
She meets him halfway and he has her in the air
Their breath meets and mingles to melt ice
He kisses life into her, the world, and the silent winter morning
She laughs and feels the weight of happiness pressing her heart close to his 
They go in to their home, everything else left scattered behind them
The words she wrote slowly fading into the heat of love
“I’m pregnant”

– Tegan Thuss 


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