October 31 – Thief of Hearts

She’s putting on her glitz and glam
But there’s only one person she’s shining for tonight

He’s stolen her heart away
Without the help of bow and arrows

She sees the forest deep in his eyes
She’s lost and she’s not looking for the way back

He’s hoping to build her riches from rags
No need to plunder gold when he’s got her love

She bows her head with the weight of smiles
All etched on her face with the tug of his hand

He knows he can conquer any kingdom
With just the touch of her promise on his lips

She looks to the sky where she hears him calling
Bound for the world, with her falling to him

He keeps looking to the ground, she’s burrowing deep
Into his heart, his life, his spirit…bow and arrow tossed to the side 

– Tegan Thuss 


October 30 – Written in Bone

She’s got 27 years etched in her bones
And age is burning at her heels
But she has dreams to catch up to
And hopes that are floating just out of reach

She’s got 27 years etched in her bones
But she’s left enough room for the rest of the story.

– Tegan Thuss 

October 29 – When Humans Collide

You and me on a planet floating
All alone through the Universe
With firework stars to guide us
And bursting suns to warm our hearts

You and me on a planet floating
All alone along the shore
Seashell canvas to draw our dreams
And clear blue waves to wash our souls

You and me on a planet floating
All alone on the forest floor
With patchwork leaves to bind us
And treetop canopies to open our eyes

You and me on a planet floating
All alone on the open air
Clouds to fill our hair with hope
And rainwater to burn us with true love

– Tegan Thuss 

October 25 – Raising the Dead

Putrid green morning light
Breaks through golden gates
Stone statues stand guard
Moss trickles over un-moving rocks
Bodies rest under raised memories
Shadows creep silently down grass alleys
Candles flicker in a tired wind
And flowers rot with the time between visits
Names carved in niches to be immortalized
While those who bore them lie still below

– Tegan Thuss 

October 22 – Hidden In Shadow

Smog slowly settles on the bustling city
Crawling over alleys and back gutters
Hiding sins of yesterday under thick clouds
Cleaning the streets as it curves round bends
There is no escaping its grasping claws
As it curls and fills each resident with change
Hope, despair and loss float on its wind
The fog settles on our shoulders as we drift
Drift, drift, drift…

– Tegan Thuss

P.S. Sorry for the long delay, was in New Orleans for five days and will be posting each days poem under the 28th…28th to come later today.