September 22 – When the Air Lives

Soft breeze blows across table top
Caresses exposed skin
Creates shivers and goosebumps
Reminds us we are ever moving
Ever changing, ever flowing

Soft breeze blows across table top
A single strand of eternity
Floating through a sky
That could fall or could lift
It feels like moments tingling

Soft breeze blows across table top
Fingers press into keys
Trying to capture air
With words that never knew how to speak
That never knew themselves

Soft breeze blows across table top
It feels limitless, immortal
It takes the end right out the window with it

– Tegan Thuss 


2 thoughts on “September 22 – When the Air Lives

  1. Feels like you lost steam at the end, as all the other stanzas are five lines each.  As a reader, I really don’t see a direction in this.  That said, I do feel as though you played with the language, so I’m not going to say this was all for naught.A good starting point.–Yao Wentiao

  2. Thank you for the comment 🙂 It’s always good to hear what other people think of my poems. Sometimes I am not quite sure what I am going for with the poem either, it just comes to me and I write it down. With this one, the last stanza was meant to end abruptly…as the last line talks about the ending going right out the window…I think I was trying to follow the cool breeze that was falling over my hands as I typed…and with that it was gone, so I thought, maybe I should end this the same way…without explanation, without any kind of constructed format.Sometimes what I mean to write doesn’t quite come out the way I want it to, or doesn’t convey to those reading. So thank you for letting me know how you took the poem, this really helps me out with future writing.

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