September 30 – The Human Plague

Mother Gaia drew her bow
And let her arrow fly
Her savage cry rang out with it
As it soared into the sky

Father Time released his sand
And let the rivers flow
His tired eyes were almost closed
It was time for him to go

Sister Moon looked down in pain
While her family fell away
She cried and all her teardrops fell
Turned lightness into grey

Brother Sun just smiled his smile
As he refused to shine
He knew the world was dying first
But he was always fine

Baby Earth was cold as ice
Breathing its last breath
Its body sick with parasites
That brought with them its death

– Tegan Thuss 


September 29 – Shattered Like Glass

When he found her she was shattered on the floor
He bent down to collect the pieces, all tiny bits of her
He tried to glue her back together, but some parts were missing
Some holes just seemed too big to glue the gaps back up
But he looked at her when he was done
When everything he found was in place
And everything that had gone astray was left behind
And he thought Even without them she seems perfect,
Even without them she seems whole

When he found her she was shattered on the floor
And he took her little glass shards and put them back together
She felt safe in his hands, mended in his palms
And even though he could not complete her
She felt that maybe that did not matter
Maybe she was never meant to keep everything she was
And all the important things stuck to her when he held them tight
And she thought Even without them he can see me
Even without them he can make me whole 

– Tegan Thuss 

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September 28 – Just So

The weariness drips off her skin
The silence edges closer in
She’s so tired
So tired

The sadness peels her away
She’s grasping at pieces she wish would stay
She’s so tired
So tired

The heartache keeps piercing hope
If only faith could build a wall to cope
She’s so tired
So tired

She’s got nothing left to give
The only thing she can think is just live
She’s so tired
So tired

– Tegan Thuss

September 27 – Cutting Out the Broken Parts

She’s lost time
Wants it back
But it’s fickle that way

Like when she cries
And the tears fall
But nothing washes off

She wants memories
But she can’t keep them
It’s unfair

Like when she smiles
And it doesn’t last
Cause faces were made to frown

She hurts inside
And healing aches
And it never repairs correctly

Like the scars on her legs
That no one but her sees
Cause hiding is safer

She’s forgotten herself
All the things she was
But it’s easier that way

Like skipping to the end of the story
Without reading the middle
Even though the best bits are there

– Tegan Thuss 

September 26 – To Sit Still

I look down the road toward my future
And glance back to the curves of my past
And I think right here in the middle is a nice place to stay
For a while, for a while

I sit down in my present, on the edge of the curb
Look down at the road, all black from the world
And I think right here in between it all is a nice place to be
For a while, for a while

I hold out my hand, stick up my thumb
And think I’ll just wait for another soul to pass
And I think right here is a nice place to catch them by and by
For a while, for a while

The curb is hard on my spine, rigid on my back
But the grass on my hands feels like freedom and choice
And I think that leaning on it is helping me think for a change
For a while, for a while

The sky is open and blue, but down the road it’s foggy and unsure
Back in the past I can see the darkness, can see the faded light
And I think right now its bright, no better place to soak up the sun
For a while, for a while

And if the day turns to night, I know I’ll see the stars
Because in the present they share your dreams
And I think maybe my dreams are just a reach away from here
For a while, for a while

My feet feel antsy, and the present seems tired
Everything is waiting for me to move forward
And I think, tomorrow I will, but today I think I’ll sit
For a while, for a while

– Tegan Thuss

September 25 – Ancient Growing Songs

Ancient skies spread arms wide
Over quiet, country town
Rain clouds build
And hope falls down
Silence echoes round every corner

Fresh soil springs with new life
In a quiet, country town
Corn husks fill
And flower buds bloom
Slow motion fills the time with wonder

Speckled stars look down
On a quiet, country town
The space seems thick
The distance long
But the magic still goes strong

– Tegan Thuss 

September 24 – Daydream Life

She’s happiest just waiting out the storm
If she lets it wash over her she’ll drown
She doesn’t have a boat to paddle
And her legs just don’t seem to know how to kick
Or her head to stay afloat

Better to watch from a distance as the world explodes
She doesn’t have a shield for all the bits that are gonna fall
And she’s afraid of the colours that seem to be bursting to life
Her arms can’t reach that high
Or her eyes can’t dream that tall

She’s safest looking out of her bubble
But never letting it pop
Because the world is full of pins and pricks
And all the cushion of the rest might be nice
But it doesn’t sooth the cuts, the wounds

She feels best when she’s asleep
When she can imagine worlds beyond her door
When she can feel all those things she’s missing
Without the fear of being crushed
Without the fear of being alive

– Tegan Thuss

September 22 – When the Air Lives

Soft breeze blows across table top
Caresses exposed skin
Creates shivers and goosebumps
Reminds us we are ever moving
Ever changing, ever flowing

Soft breeze blows across table top
A single strand of eternity
Floating through a sky
That could fall or could lift
It feels like moments tingling

Soft breeze blows across table top
Fingers press into keys
Trying to capture air
With words that never knew how to speak
That never knew themselves

Soft breeze blows across table top
It feels limitless, immortal
It takes the end right out the window with it

– Tegan Thuss 

September 21 – Behind the Cover of that Romance Novel

We’re at the beginning of the book
Two pages in, just starting the story
The first paragraph was epic
It threw us down, tore us up, and set us in motion
The second one kept us going, dragged us further
The third one made us think, and from there we grew
Now we’re staying the course
Flipping the pages
Burning through the chapters
As though time was just an idea we once had, but forgot

We’re at the beginning
We’re just the foreplay
We’re the first whispered lyric
The quick peck on the first date
The first eye open in the morning
The first click of the hour

We’re ready to move forward
To walk past the opening
And dive right in the middle
Into the mess, the sticky business

But don’t worry
No end is in sight
Not while our blood is boiling
While our hairs are sticking up
Not while our skin is scorching
And our hearts are beating in time

In time with the turn of the record
The flicker of the light
The brush of the pen
The dip in the dance
The edge of a smile

We’re at the beginning of a long story
Ten pages in, with one more page in the first chapter
I can smell the paper, feel the words
Taste your lips in the next sentence… 

– Tegan Thuss