July 31 – Picture Perfect

Paint your canvas
With your picture perfect
Rainbow brush

You’ve got life in those colours
And dreams in those strokes.

– Tegan Thuss


July 29 – End of Beginnings

These are those days when the sky is falling, but everyone’s too busy to notice that they may as well be floating into space.

This is that time when no one watches as the clocks start to tick faster, all in too much of a hurry to feel the weight of lost moments crushing them into their graves.

Here are those fragments that no one has picked up, littering the ground as people pass without a thought to how they fit together to form some perfect image, some dream like world.

These hearts, beating forever out of rhythm, are ready to burst; no one can hear the air grasping each chest and pulling out each soul.

Lips draped in misery, try to whisper “I’m sorry”; but the meaning gets lost in the silence that hangs from throats, all ropes and knots.

Here is where love falls, drifts lazily to the ground, catches the wind and moves over the world slowly, but always at arm’s length; we are running to catch an ideal we do not even know anymore, cannot feel.

We are all lost, but all still moving restlessly…toward an end, but no beginnings.

– Tegan Thuss

July 28 – Dolly Ties the Knot (Noose)

Pristine white now mouldy, now dirty, now torn to pieces and ripped apart
Shine all gone, now muddy, now murky, now the glimpse of hollow hopes and dreams
Patches of yellowed fabric clutched in pale grey hands
Scraps fallen around like confetti that was never thrown
Dolly, do you like that dress you wear?
Dolly, do you feel the weight of emptiness?

Flowers littered around, now wilted, now dead, now perfect for the grave
Colours all gone, now faded, now tarnished, now black with pain and loss
Rain falls on clumps of forgotten names
Storm clouds gather over a silent, stony figure
Dolly, can you see through the cobweb cover on your eyes?
Dolly, can you hear the faint sound of popping bubble wishes?

Ring falls off, now broken, now jaded, now nothing but heaviness
Glimmer all gone, now cold, now worthless, now a memory worth losing
Sitting in long grass, which used to end in happiness
Just wide enough to be a final resting place for promises
Dolly, why are your eyes so glazed, lips so dry, body so rotten?
Dolly, why are you so dead inside?

– Tegan Thuss

July 27 – Thick with Lies

You said “forever”
I said “that’s just a word you read in a book one time, that you never even finished”

You said “I promise”
I said “that’s just a prayer you overheard someone else saying, but never learned yourself”

You said “I’m sorry”
I said “that’s a pretty poem you’ve practiced in your head, I don’t think you quite get the reference”

You said “I love you”
I said “that’s just an excuse some sad boy said to a girl he actually cared for, you don’t know the meaning”

You looked at me with those so sure eyes, that I’ve said the right thing stance, that you are mine grasp
I sighed, turned around, let my shoulders fall and walked away
Goodbye hanging in the silent air between us

– Tegan Thuss

July 26 – Bare

Beautiful bare
Sun shine tracks down your back
You are stillness and movement through a thick frame
Beautiful bare
Moonlight gleams shadows on your face
You are distance and closeness mapping the spaces
Beautiful bare

I can trace your outline with the glimmer of dust
I can trace your outline with the tip of my smile
I can trace your outline with the sureness of my heart

-Tegan Thuss

July 25 – New River, Old Vessel

Liquid love is dripping down
I am giving you life, life

You are tasting pieces of me on your lips
You are feeling fragments of me drifting through you
Lazy, lazy with life
You are hearing my whispers pumping through your ears
You are touching my happiness, my memories, my dreams
And they are saying stay with me, live

Liquid love is dripping down
I am giving you life, life

Can you learn my curves, my obsessions, my creativity
Can you grasp the puzzle bits as they scourge through you
I am the lava that ignites your fire, burn
Can you insist you don’t know this dance that I am tapping
Can you not sense all drums finding that beat I’ve started in you
I am that new thrumming, rattling, churn

Liquid love is dripping down
I am giving you life, life

Even as I am fading, almost fizzled out
You are lifting yourself higher
You are clenching something so light
Even as I am darkening, almost left to dust
You are clearing out the cobwebs
You are an old vessel on a new river

Liquid love is dripping down
I am giving you my life, my life

– Tegan Thuss 

P.S. Donating blood today 🙂

July 24 – Dry Cracks

We lay in fields of high grass
Our hands reaching up like blades

Swaying, swaying

Our hair falls like roots to the ground

Thirsty, thirsty

Our feet point the way to forever

Searching, searching

How high can our eyes fly,
How low can our voices tremble?

We are glass shards, sand castles,

dirt under the nails of the planet

We are almost as tall as the trees

we dance with

We are almost as swift as the breeze

that catches our breath

Our heartbeats are raindrops, lightning

bolts and thunderclouds

We are the sum of our souls, the sum

of the world we craddle so dearly

– Tegan Thuss

July 23 – Floating Childhood

A star shaped balloon drifts lazily up into the air
string pressing down to the earth,
trying to hold on to something solid beneath it.
It floats away, above
high, flashing gold across a blue endless canvas
striking the emptiness away.
Trees look up as it passes
branches grabbing to hold it, to save it
but it keeps dreaming on, following (chasing) the billowing clouds.

A single, small hand reaches up
grasping air and sadness
as it falls down to the stillness of nothing more
gold star fading into pinprick…memory.

-Tegan Thuss