Broken Angel

I cut off my wings to be near you,
I ripped off my halo so I could fall down;
Cause heaven is hell without you;
Cause heaven is hell when you’re not around.

I see you each day from the sky,
Smiling as though nothing happened at all.
You forgot everything that you knew before,
Of your heavenly deeds, whether big ones or small.

And it crushed me to see you laughing,
Without those wings that once shone on your back.
And it hurt me to know that you forgot who I was.
Given the chance would you ever come back?

You being cursed was a nightmare,
You being gone was my death;
And everyday you smile like it’s perfect,
When I have absolutely nothing left.

So I tore at the lightning for strength,
And bled like an angel of sin.
Just so I could fall down to your level,
To escape from the hell that I’m in.

I stood in your way on the street,
You passed me like we’d never met.
I guess after warring in heaven,
This is the punishment that I get.

– Tegan Simmons


In The AfterEnd

Your acid tongue is dripping ruby red
Elixir of life from the fountain of youth.
I’m seeing the death that you hold in your eyes,
As you’re licking the sweet ambrosia.

Everything went wrong when I met you,
Cold, grey eyes in the sunset morning of the afterlife.
You weren’t what I thought,
You weren’t even evil,
Just a sad, little prince on a mountain of souls.

It would have been nice to wait for my punishment,
For sins of the flesh and of the soul.
But you looked on me with those sad, grey eyes,
A mixture of pity and love,
And I fell into pain I could never imagine just from the smile you could make.

Isn’t this some sort of other heaven;
A heaven where love is waiting in death.
Cause I love you more than the world I was in before
And I wanted so much to protect you.

But your ravenous lips are shifting like sand
Over everything you hold of your kingdom.
I am just a part of this magnificent den
And you could not pick me from the millions who had sinned before.

When was a saviour ever more wrong
In wanting to rid us of our way into Hell.
Cause I’ve seen the fire,
But it doesn’t burn all around me;
It’s inside of my soul, inside of my eyes
As I watch you, sweet angel, ruling over your domain.

Your eyes are silver diamonds gleaming in the darkness
Drinking up the silent wonder of the lovers you have found.
You will not be lonely with the souls that burn about you.
But, in your eyes that emptiness is always there,
As though you wait for something or someone you lost long ago.

Cause the Devil isn’t evil, he’s just a martyr for our pain,
And he loves each of the souls that he can get.

Your cold, grey eyes are looking up now, and the emptiness is growing.

– Tegan Simmons Jan.4/2006

Written for Brie / Christmas 2005


And Gabriel sat silently, on the earth,

Staring at the sun.

He was waiting for the day

When his punishment would be done.

When he fell his wings were broken,

So he painted new ones on.

But silent memories plagued him daily,

And his halo was fading, soon to be gone.


Laughter floated through the air,

Of a happiness that Gabriel could never know.

And even with his quiet weeping,

The tears were all he had to show.

But heaven’s walls were barred and barren,

And Gabriel’s eyes were too blind too see,

That everything he had once belonged to,

Was nothing more than false prophecy.


The wreckage of his angelic soul,

Torn by the yearning for human love,

Was what wrought him different from the others,

And caused his fall from up above.

Even God could not forgive him,

For loving something so much less.

But in Gabriel’s eyes the humans world

Made love and affection something blessed.


So he sits in listless silence,

All alone on the planets face.

He isn’t allowed in heavens wonder

And he cannot enter human space.

So he’ll sit for all eternity,

An angel with painted wings.

For Gabriel wanted human love,

And for it he risked everything.

– Tegan Simmons