Your Eyes

The skies on fire in your eyes,
And the rainbow’s light is shining.
But it’s all worth it to see the storm,
To see the clouds rage over you.
The breaking thunder,
It screams your name,
The lightening striking,
Shines only on you.

The mountains are falling in your eyes,
And I’m on the edge of a cliff now.
But it’s all worth it to see my demise,
And the crumbled stones at your feet.
The avalanche,
Echoes with your voice,
The crevices left,
Holding you in their mind.

The moon it is falling in your eyes,
Aiming for Earth on its way,
But it’s worth it to see the stars that it held,
Dancing in patterns so bright.
And the darkest night,
Shadows your form,
With its wings of black,
Clawing at your flesh.

The seas are all crashing in your eyes,
Each wave is drowning me more.
But it’s worth it to see the blue depths,
And the fathoms they churn in my heart.
The water drifts,
Only to your singing,
And the tide is running,
To catch you on the beach.

The Earth is laughing in your eyes,
Rising and falling like it breathes in the air,
But it’s worth the cracking and the pain,
To see you whisper out its name.
The tremble of the soil,
Rings with your heart,
The ripping of the ground,
Filled with the sight of you.

The trees are dripping in your eyes,
With life that no one could give them.
But it’s worth all the sadness and lies,
To see the birth of their rhythm.
The branches collide,
With your movements,
And the sap it falls only,
For the taste of your mouth.

Dreams they are floating in your eyes,
A patchwork of everything I’ve thought.
But it’s worth it to see you hold them,
And consider them something of worth.
The nightmares fade,
In your presence,
And the visions sharpen,
For you to believe.

The wind is flying in your eyes,
Over everything that might break.
But it’s worth more than I ever knew,
To see it climbing to the Heavens.
And the Angels fall,
Just to see you,
Give their wings,
Just to witness your beauty.

This swing is all memories of your eyes,
Of everything they held when you sat by my side.
But it’s all worth it to know that you were there,
For even that one small moment in time.
The sky burns for you,
The stars collide,
The Earth reawakens,
The Heavens grow wide,

And everything of me is held in your eyes.

– Tegan Simmons 5/12/2005