the lamest poem I have ever written, but it doesn’t rhyme…and after writing it I got an essay back with an amazing mark…one I thought I would do terribly on…I got 90%…an A+…can you believe it? Anywho, the poem, it has deep meaning to me, and I wish that everyone could be this happy in life…as Megan says: “Don’t frown, cause you never know who could be falling in love with your smile…”


Smiling lightly I turn to you,
trying to show you everything through my eyes,
they shine like the sun,
newly risen in the morning,
a morning where your body lies next to mine.

Your eyes are closed,
I touch your cheek softly,
and there is a warmth that spreads from your cheek
to my fingers, and it overwhelms me.

Something in your dreaming breath,
draws me down to listen closely,
to the beating of the heart I know I hold,
the heart that fills my every hollow with love,
so whole and true.

I pause when your breathing changes,
and slowly raise my eyes to yours,
and I drown in the simple beauty of them,
your face is a mirror of mine,
all giddy from our night together,
and waking up to a warm body.

Your smile is etched with my future,
which I gave you in our first kiss,
and your eyes hold everything I am.

You tighten your grip around me and say, “Mine!”,
while it may seem so generically male,
you say it in a way so loving and kind,
so I kiss you gently, look into your eyes,
place your hand on my heart and say, “Yours!”

Then you kiss me, take my hand,
and place it on your chest, but instead you reply,
“this was always yours, and always will be!”

– Tegan Simmons


three new poems…don’t really like the last one, but i love the first one…


push, push me hard,
and I’ll fall, fall and break,
cause you want, want my scars,
to show, show it’s real.
that this love,
is all pain,
and this pain,
makes you feel,
and you’ve never felt before.
push, push me hard,
and I’ll crawl, crawl right back,
cause your hand, hand is heavy,
curled around, round my heart,
and it’s real, real as death.
death is love,
and I’m dying,
with every breath you take,
cause I feel the hurt,
and I’ve never felt before.
scream my name, push me hard,
feel my pulse, and I’ll feel yours,
there’s no turning back here,
and no matter what you do,
love is here waiting, waiting just for you.

– Tegan Simmons

Writing Love

pen on paper,
words on heart,
everything I write to you,
is hidden deep inside.
ink on white,
love on mind,
everything I’m saying here,
is everything I’ve tried to hide.

– Tegan Simmons

Maiden’s Heart

Somewhere deep inside my soul,
hidden in my darkened eyes,
is the secret to my kingdom,
and the key to every part.
There’s a knight who saves the maiden,
but she’s strong enough to fight,
and the King that love’s her dearly,
with her mother in her heart.
The maiden is a warrior,
riding on her favourite steed,
the knight can see her beauty,
with every evil foe she slays.
And her crown is made of holly,
nature is her kingdom fair,
the knight is of a sacred order,
that holds love and honour above all.
She loves the knight, and will be with him,
but she is as complete alone,
a maiden whose kingdom and family,
are held in my eyes, which look into my secret heart.

– Tegan Simmons

Oh my, I started singing and this random poem/song came out and I love it…it’s my new fav poem by me, and that is hard to say(cause I usually hate my poems)…wow though, this is what listening to too much emo will do to you!


where does the day go, where does the day go?
does it say goodbye,
does it make you cry?
where does the day go, where does the day go?
could you stay right here,
don’t want you to disappear.
where does the day go, where does the day go?
when will the sun return,
when will you ever learn?
where does the day go, where does the day go?
is it fading fast,
how can I make it last?
where does the day go, where does the day go?
and where is your face,
it’s left this space,
to fill with the daylight,
spill with the stars,
take with my morning,
give me my scars.
where does the night go, where does the night go?
where is the soft caress,
why is there loneliness?
where does the night go, where does the night go?
can you just stay with me,
no need to make me breath?
where does the night go, where does the night go?
somewhere I hear you scream,
but is it just a dream?
where does the night go, where does the night go?
how can i hurt like this,
why do i reminisce?
where does the night go, where does the night go?
why am i so afraid,
of this cold bed you’ve made,
if there’s no turning round,
and the moon shines through the pane,
dripping through the bedrooms peace,
and breaking through my scars again.
where does your love go, where does your love go?
cause I’m all alone here,
and all I can feel is fear.

– Tegan Simmons


put my trust in you,

but you broke it when you broke my heart,

put my faith in you,

but I lost it when you tore me apart,

put my love in you,

but it’s gone now that you let me fall,

put my hope with you,

but now I’ve got no hope at all.

– Tegan Simmons


Love, the Lie We Tell

Don’t tell me you love me,

That is such a cliche…

The word isn’t real,

It’s just something to say.

So tell me you touch me,

That my skin fits with yours,

Tell me you see me,

In your memory I’m stored,

Tell me you smell me,

So clean and so close,

Tell me you hear me,

That I’m talking in prose.

Cause touch you I do,

And you feel so damn nice,

See you I can,

In the pale morning light,

Your scent fills my nose,

With our dirty deeds,

And the last thing I heard,

Was your moan and my scream.

So kiss me you fool,

While I’m here in your arms,

Cause tasting you is better,

Than loves false charms.

-Tegan Simmons

snipits of poems written today in classes…hehe

Steep me in your silence,

Burn me with your eyes,

Render me immoveable,

Tempt me with your lies.

Echoes of your deadly scream,

Are crawling through my skin and dreams,

Shadows of your lifeless blood,

Are coursing through what once was good.

wow, this was supposed to be two snipits, but they work well together, so meh!


Four Ravens stood as people passed by,

Beaks craving that one should die,

That someone falls upon the snow,

And the birds would then eat the soul,

Carry it to the depths of hell,

Where they feed and live and dwell.

Four Ravens stood as people passed by,

Pray to the Lord that you don’t die.

– Tegan Simmons