Randomly wrote this when trying to think of something to say to Alison.

  And in the night I’ll find you dying,

  sick to death of all this lying,

  strangled by the one you love,

  scattered, wounded, torn and shoved.

  sometimes love isn’t worth the pain,

  sometimes it can be a strain,

  and sometimes it can hurt you more,

  than anything worth fighting for.

  so maybe you should think about,

  the times you scream and yell and shout,

  cause in the end your heart is weak,

               and your tongue to cold to speak.


Feel Me Near

Everywhere you walk I whisper to you,
And every time you cry my hand is there,
Though you cannot see me,
I am sitting by your side,
And every thought you’re thinking,
Is filling me inside.
You think you are alone now,
That I have left you, weary,
But in these darkened shadows,
I see your form so clearly.
You’re dreaming of a moment,
When you shall see my face,
But to me they are my nightmares,
Of how you’ll leave this place.
If you could only know,
That every night I hold you,
And even as you lie asleep,
It’s heaven to behold you.
So, please live your life now,
Don’t think of me again,
For if you think too much of me,
This pain shall never mend.
So, please don’t stop your life now,
Or try some deadly hand,
For now I know the outcome,
And it’s worse than any end.

– Tegan Simmons January 31, 2005


p.s. listen to ‘Hold on Love’ by Azure Ray, because it is how I feel about love and it is just sooo amazing!!!