two extremes…I wrote these both last night…lol

The Manor House

I saw myself in gloomy halls,
Sitting by the gloomy walls,
Hoping for a days repress,
From this ancient lonliness.
Ghosts cried out from rooms unseen,
And memories remained unclean.
The stench of death hung like mist,
Around my feet like tenderness,
The dust was not so much a cover,
But a blanket wrapped ’round a lover,
And the photos faded, dead,
Held sad memories in their head.
The place I sat was carved in stone,
And held me there to cry alone.
The tapestries, hung to keep the cold away,
Trapped the chill within their stay,
The floors had been untrodden for years,
And held the smell of anguished tears,
The light that had shone brightly once,
Had long been burned to quick and conch,
And towers that had once stood proud,
Now slumped within a darkened shroud.
The windows hid the daylight out,
Leaving rooms in clouded doubt.
The Manor Lord dared not enter here,
When such demons were so near,
Demons of the souls now lost,
To the shadows and the frost.
T’was in the night that children screamed,
And the Lady died in dream,
And the laughter that Manor held,
Was lost to those who loved it well.
For secrecy the heart can kill,
And this house, it held its fill,
And so I sit alone and rotten,
In this Manor, long forgotten.

-Tegan Simmons Jan.30/05

Sing to me in silence,
With the brightness of your eyes,
Because I know your secret,
That in your heart I lie.
And with your silent wisdom,
I’ll hold you with my heart,
And show you with my smile,
That we shall never part.

– Tegan Simmons Jan.30/05


I wanted to post these two unfinished, but not incomplete poems, in deviantart but it is being fucked up, as Xanga is as well. But meh…they were titleless, but I am trying my hand at trying to explain them…

‘The City’s Womb’

These city buildings

Like trunks of trees,

With rooms that seem

Like living leaves,

With roots,

That reach into the earth,

Dripping sap,

From giving birth.

By: Tegan Simmons ©2004

‘Inside My Deepest Heart’

Stop, and peace will find you,

Deep inside my inner soul,

Clinging to the crevices,

To make each feeling whole.

Stop, and love will guide you,

Straight into my secret heart,

Where you are imprinted,

Into every single part.

By: Tegan Simmons ©2004