Break Me

Try to break down this wall,

I’m waiting for it to collapse,

But something keeps holding it up,

And my anger begins to relapse.

Your eyes are so truthful with love,

But mine are mysterious and closed,

And even as I try to open them,

The fear inside of me grows.

You know me inside and out,

But I hide from you none the less,

There’s something that keeps me from loving,

And laying my heart in your breast.

Your smile is warm and caressing,

But inside I’m chilled to the bone.

I wish that you would just tear me apart,

And rip this bloody wall down.

Keep me from hurting us both,

Force me to show you my eyes,

Cause if you let go and give up,

I know that inside I’ll die.

– Tegan Simmons November 30, 2004